Monday, January 28, 2019

Discussion of different types of Narcissist traits in us

This is a discussion that Rita/Nandini and myself had sometimes ago when we were doing reflection of the type of Narcissist traits that we have in us.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Paying Homage to late KaVeeTa SuNiEL

On this special occasion, I would like to pay Homage to Late KaVeeTa and Late SuNIeL for the sacrifices that they have made to embody Sree Maa and Shri Ji’s role for the betterment of Humanity. The living example for many like me to learn what Selflessness, Love, Compassion, Loyalty, Commitment really means. 
No words can express my gratitude towards what Sree Maa and Shri Ji had gifted people like me with, when most people in the society would have given people like me up long ago with the coloured lenses. Sree Maa and Shri Ji have proven the world wrong by holding our hands tightly, always make sure that people like me are not forgotten.

Sree Maa and Shri Ji teach by example what righteous living is like, without cutting corners, committing in giving 100% effort to make people like me understand what people like me need to look into, given us the courage and strength to face our inner dark shades, fight the wars within to be a better person.

During the many years with Sree Maa and Shri Ji, all I witness are Sree Maa and Shri Ji Selflessness, Love and Compassion of putting our soul upliftment before Sree Maa, Shri Ji’s own comfort, Tirelessly and Lovingly sharing how we can work within.

Sree Maa and Shri Ji are the inspiration for people like us to look upon, through actions and not empty talks, constantly giving us the platform to learn even at the expenses of Sree Maa, Shri Ji’s many years hard work and the good name of Kosmic Fusion.

The amount of trust I am given even after the many betrayal from my inactions and self preservation, I am still given the guiding light, which has proven again how small, petty and insignificant I am as there is no comparison to the LOVE that Sree Maa, Shri Ji has given me. Sree Maa and Shri Ji treat me like family and care for the soul’s well being, Sree Maa, Shri Ji never once abandon me. It is me who has betrayed the Love and reciprocate with self preservation.

Family members never walk away from each other and stick through thick and thin. This is what Sree Maa and Shri Ji has gifted to people like me.

My deepest Gratitude to Sree Maa and Shri Ji for walking into my life and given colours and light to this colourless life of mine _/\_
My deepest Gratitude to Devi for sacrificing her personal life for the betterment of humanity _/\_

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Great Con-Artist, Liar… #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo

Pleasant looking, approachable and sincere was the fake image that #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo “Sell” to the innocent people around her.

Being a Narcissist myself, I can vouch that I used that as a tool to play my games as well, but I must admit that #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo is a master in these games and I not only enabled her, I was also being recruited as her flying monkey to create distrust among the volunteers in Kosmic Fusion.

When I first knew #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo in 2013, her tactics was to gain my trust because she wanted to be associated with anyone who is close to Sree Maa Shri Ji and I was targeted by her because she saw the weakness in me, that I like to criticise, gossips and being the selfish one who likes to take advantage of kind people around me.

Most of the Narcissists will never be satisfied with being an average person, we need to be in limelight, be that special person so to play the games of this great martyr, to gain supply (sympathy). #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo’s aim was to be the representative of Kosmic Fusion, so that she can make use of Kosmic Fusion’s platform to spread her fang across Australia and Asian countries. From the many conversations that I had with #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo, she was always brainwashing me into supporting her different ideas into commercialise the healing session as she knows money is also one of my weakness

#Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo came out with plans for promotion package, how to recruit people into joining Kosmic Fusion as a practitioner so that she can start charging them. She also manipulated the content of the actual healing, making it more “attractive” to people, so that people will fall into her trap. It was all about money making for #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo. For example, her marketing package such as buy XX sessions get 1 session FREE.

For instance, she knew that money was most important things to people, she used that as a dangling carrot to make people come to her by giving misleading information, giving empty promises that their financial situation will be improved. Of course #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo made sure that I will eventually take the blame for all her ideas as she was making use of my position as Sree Maa’s intimate assistance and cornered me into support her ideas when all these while I have not said anything.

#Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo is good in putting words into others mouth, she will lead the conversation, then lure her flying monkey into saying or doing what she has planned for, one example I recalled #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo showed me her Holistic Freedom website and asked for my opinion and when I gave some of my feedback, she will “negotiate” and make sure it looks like she “removed” certain content from her website but she cunningly made sure that I was the witness to her other contents. Eventually when doubts arises, she will put my name under the train, saying that she has shown to me but I did not tell her it’s not okay. This is how slyly #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo subtly played her games.

It is blessing in disguise that I am a lazy person who has no discipline, so I never put much thoughts into what #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo has been trying hard to trap me into , such as translating the Kosmic Fusion intellectual properties into chinese language. I would have been her enabler, accomplice and let her spread her territory to the chinese market, create more harm to more people.

Looking back at what #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo has presented herself to others, she was a patience, careful person. She was quick to put herself in good light, there was once out of gossip nature, I asked #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo how long will it take for both her husband and son to travel to and fro central coast. She was fast to praise her husband and son that they are understanding and supportive of her “spiritual” quest, that they did not mind about the long travelling hours . #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo never wanted to admit that she has manipulated their love for her to make those sacrifices, because to her it’s her entitlement. It is sad to see that she even lied to her own family members for her own convenience.

#Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo wanted the best of everything, she wanted to be the devoted wife, mummy to her family as well as the greatest volunteer in Kosmic Fusion, so she lied to everyone. She brainwashed her family into believing that she is very committed to the spiritual work, that she has no time for them and she seized the opportunity to stop working when there was a restructuring happen at work, she opted for the retrenchment fee rather then moving to other department. In her smear campaign, she lied that she was forced to quit her job and that she spent all her money in Kosmic Fusion. It was all a LIE! #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo told me that she has spent near to $15K of the money she gotten from her retrenchment to engage a Taiwanese teacher and learn about social media, website, marketing and dragging Kosmic Fusion’s mission in to justify herself. The truth is that she was learning how to run a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) campaign to recruit people so that she can earn money from it.

If #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo wanted to prove her innocent, I will challenge #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo to show her bank statement of her bank transaction between late 2014 till end of 2015. I trust the bank statement is something that cannot be manipulated. I am appealing to anyone not to take her stories at face value when she has not proven anything concrete, just empty talks.

I knew about it after #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo tried to recruit me as a member for her MLM business which she presented her plan, website to me. I am not the only one whom she approached, she has make use of Kosmic Fusion resources and sell her ideas to the volunteers especially the ones in Australia and New Zealand. I am sure those volunteers who has been approached by #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo can vouch this as well.

Narcissists do not have any sense of remorse and regrets, this applies to #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo who did not feel that she has wronged anyone when we have been taught by Sree Maa to be morally responsible, to be honest, act with integrity and be authentic. I can see that all #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo is only after the numbers, these are contacts that will give her potential source of income. #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo would twist information or give vague answers to patronise her clients.

#Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo has been the director, actress for the big script she has written for herself since she left Kosmic Fusion. #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo first played the victim, then created a new fake identity for herself of being abused and this great being who has gone against all odds, fighting the “bad” and the heroine who has displayed her strength and came out as the “winner”

Most people who do not know #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo well, will fall for her sob stories, but after spending sometime with her, most people are able to tell from their personal experience if #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo is a genuine person or a con artist.

#Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo is giving the lies that she is an “Awaken” healer who has more than 10 years of healing experience…. all LIES! I would invite anyone to do some research on the internet, you will find there is actual a healer from the States who wrote the book “AWAKENING JOY”, he even attended Oprah talk show . One would ask … Isn't that a high chance that others will mistaken “#Awakening with Joy” with the author of “AWAKENING JOY” ? Is it a coincidence? NO, NO, NO … this is all plan!…#Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo wanted this misunderstand to happen! Narcissists would LOVE to ride on others to ripe the benefit of their hard work, steal the credits of others! It is free publicity for her!

This is what #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo has done, she first used the Dimash music in her YouTube videos, her agenda is to making use of Dimash fan base to surf her YouTube to increase the traffic for her Dimash related videos. As mentioned above, #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo knew that Money, Love has always been in almost everyone’s mind, she started crystal healing for Love …This is another avenue of games for supplies.

Narcissists will not know how to STOP when there are ready supplies for us… Narcissists will eventually become the greatest con artist, murders, psychopath, abusers to the society…

I would like to appeal to anyone who has been approached  by #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo, please use your discernment and decide if she is a genuine person.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Narcissists - doing spiritual bypassing which eventually lead us to become the biggest fraud ... #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo

Narcissists  - doing spiritual bypassing which eventually lead us to become the biggest fraud

Spiritual bypassing has been a common act from narrcissists. As we think that we are the greatest and most perfect being that everyone needs help except ourselves

"A spiritual bypass or spiritual bypassing is a "tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks".[1] The term was introduced in the early 1980s by John Welwood, a Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist.[1][2][3] Spiritual bypass can be addressed with various forms of psychotherapy, including focusing and motivational interviewing.[2][4] " (An extract from WIKIPEDIA)

Looking back at what my mindset used to be, I was in this delusion that I am this special being, “believing” that I am this great being who has sacrificed myself to “support” others,  was brainwashing myself as being kind, empathic, supportive, understanding … the list goes on. Strangely .. I do not accept that I have any negative traits in me as I lied to myself that I have “work hard” in “healing” my self.

This is clearly seen when I was having association with #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo. In the many conversations that we had, it was always about how people around her not being effective, not cooperative and that they need to look within themselves so that they will not hinder “others” progression, indirectly she was telling me that the other volunteers were a hindrance for her ambitions and grand plan to spread her name across Australia and the Chinese region.

In the 2017 reunion, #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo was seen the ONLY one not doing the questionnaire that she demanded the other volunteers to do, she was acting like a boss, monitoring especially myself and Rita to ensure that we do our share of the questionnaire, scan through our papers to check if we cut corners or answers she deem as not “good enough” in her eyes.

I have never seen #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo putting any effort to even look at the questionnaire, she was busy directing others, using the reunion platform to “attack” Clarito and the rest of the Sydney volunteers. #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo’s tactic was to purposely direct the attention to the other Sydney volunteers of their short comings so that her acts will not come to light. #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo was making use of the position as greatest volunteer, the fake identity that she has created for herself to manipulate the other volunteers to do they dirty job for her.

This can be seen as a concrete evidence, especially after #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo left Kosmic Fusion, not only she has created a new fake identity of being a victim, she also justify her own acts by running a smear campaign to discredit all the Love, Grace and support showered upon her by Sree Maa and Shri Ji. Let’s be honest with ourselves, when the truth hit hard on us about who we truly are, the first reaction is in denial, then retaliate … that’s what been seen by #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo

#Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo was making use of this wave, being this “heroine” and now she became this “healer” who wanted to “help” people who can benefit from her experience.

Breakdown of #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo strategy

1. Discredit others so to create doubts and confusion - #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo runs a smear campaign, to discredit Kosmic Fusion, Sree Maa and Shri Ji so that when the TRUTH come to light, nobody will believe it, because she has appealed to the public as a victim, this is to get her own name out in this smear campaign to ride on Kosmic Fusion to build her publicity
2. Media Platform - #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo then started to use the media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube to promote her script. As well as using it as her marketing tool.
3. Created a fake profile - Self proclaimed, certified “healer” to trap innocent people as her supply.  #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo never provide any official certification for her claims, because she knew that the ready supply will be in so much pain that they will overlooked this fact.
4. Scam to sell products - If we further do research on her community as a member, #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo started to trap innocent people who trusted her to start her scam. Her objective is always about money making. If anyone who join her website will know that she has promote a “package”, #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo was aiming for the lump some of money that will come into her bank account but never wanted to be morally responsible and be answerable for what she can truly delivered.
5. Use word salad - Eventually when the innocent people, who joined her community will be told very superficial advise like “ look within to get an answer”, “ be still and quiet” … if it is all about looking within to connect to the truth, why would anyone need #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo in the first place? Why would anyone needed #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo to facilitate the crystal healing session when the crystal itself is has been emitting the healing energies to people who connect with them

"A word salad is a "confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases",[1] most often used to describe a symptom of a neurological or mental disorder. The words may or may not be grammatically correct, but are semantically confused to the point that the listener cannot extract any meaning from them. The term is often used in psychiatry as well as in theoretical linguistics to describe a type of grammatical acceptability judgment by native speakers, and in computer programming to describe textual randomization."  (Extract from WIKIPEDIA)

From the above analysis, I can see that #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo is making use of the “middleman” position to squeeze the profit out of the genuine ones who needed guidance and help … #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo is never out to help anyone. It is so ridiculous that #Awakening with Joy / #Joy Kuo even wanted to steal credit of the crystals who cannot fend for themselves for being abused by this so call “healer”

I would like to appeal to anyone who has been approached  by #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo, please use your discernment and decide if she is a genuine person.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

How Narcissist can be the greatest Illusionist, Fraud, Con-Artist

One of the common traits of a Narcissist is Grandiosity, in this grandiosity Narcissists seek for attention, demand "respect", self proclaim being this great achiever / victim of some events.

To a Narcissist, even a negative attention is attention. What we need are eyes on us so that we can be the centre of attention, to be in limelight to orchestrate our games, when there are no participants, we will loose interest and seek for another outlet which will fulfill the needs to be this "great" being. In this process, Narcissist hunt for the ready victims (enabler/empathy) to be the supply.

Below shows a systematic plan Narcissists do to get into the new fake identity ...

Step 1) Building up the Fake Identity - self deluded image of being this great being/ victim of self written sob stories

Step 2) Grooming, recruit Flying Monkeys - by playing kind, appear approachable to gain trust (collect information)

Step 3) Start  Character Assassination - filling the victims' ears with lies, gossips to prepare the flying monkeys to do projection, triangulation, set target on whom narcissists are wary and suspect will exposed them in near future

Step 4) Discredit whom the Narcissist deem as threat - Start playing the games of victimhood to gain sympathy, claiming that s/he is the biggest victim of what happened, giving one-sided manipulated stories to show how s/he fights the "bad" and come out strong

Step 5) Build a new Fake Identity - Being this great person who has overcome obstacles and overnight become a expert of some field, without any proper certification/ official document as proof.

New round of fake identities, lies and deception begins .... new set of innocent victims will fall for their sob stories and become their supply ....

Now, let's look #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo as a case study, what has she display so far that fit into the below actions in the next blog.

Building up the Fake Identity
Grooming, recruit Flying Monkeys
Character Assassination
Discredit whom the Narcissist deem as threat 
Build a new Fake Identity

Please refer to the below link for more insight:

Friday, September 21, 2018

Narcissists in the Ashram House - Awakening with Joy/ Joy Kuo (Part 3)

Signs of Malignant Narcissist which victims can help to assist themselves in RED FLAG us so that prevention can happen. It also serve as a warning for the victims

  • Lies - you can find that we lie alot to get away with things
  • Twist things - we will twist/ turn things around to "win/ control"
  • Use & Discard -  we see people as Objects, when we do not need you, we discard/devalue you 
  • Blame games - when things went wrong, first thing we do is immediately find a scapegoat, point fingers and question the victims
  • Manipulate - will use situation/people to manipulate to achieve our plan/agenda
  • Scheme - we may act in a covert manner just to observe our target so to get them
  • Gas lighting - we gaslight our victims so that we can use them as our flying monkey
  • Grandiosity - In order to show off, we will make use anything and anyone just to look good
  • No emotions - we are lack of compassion, lack of empathy
  • Projection - saying things that you are not, to create confusion
  • Triangulation - using third party to get to the other party, through character assassination
The below is the narration of what happened in the Ashram House when  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo came to the Ashram House

In mid 2017, #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo came to the Ashram House. When she first stepped into the Ashram House, she was expecting that we serve her and respect her because she see herself as the greatest student of Sree Maa and Shri Ji. In her head, she was the top dog and with that she demanded respect from us. 

Looking back at what really happen,  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo wanted to take control of the Ashram House immediately, she leave us with no chance to retaliate or voice out our opinion. Being a "hardworking/ self motivated" individual,  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo wasted no time to boss Rita and myself around to show us our position, giving us instructions of what needs to be corrected in her eyes, so to bring us down and crash our self esteem.

I still remember she said to me that she came to teach us how to run an Ashram House, I was playing my victim game in the Ashram House and did not once question her why she said that when she does not even stay in the Ashram House before.

During her stay in the Ashram House, I got to witness first hand how she pushed blame and point fingers at me immediately because #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo was desperate to be in Sree Maa and Shri Ji's good books at any cost, especially now she has been so close to Sree Maa and Shri Ji, it was her golden opportunity to get the "recognition" so that she can manipulate the innocent volunteers using Sree Maa and Shri Ji's name.

Not long after she arrived, #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo insisted of wanting to celebrate Guru Purnima when Sree Maa and Shri Ji had clearly told us not to (if Sree Maa and Shri Ji, Kosmic Fusion is what  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo has claimed as cult, I believe this action of her definitely proved otherwise) She went ahead to get Rita to drive her to get all the preparation done, she even did projection to the innocent volunteers to support her funding so that she can steal all the credits because she headed this preparation.

To know a narcissist, you have to spend time with us. It was in the many weeks that staying with  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo that I get to see her true colour, one's mask cannot be put on for 24 hours a day, we will slack and not able to keep up with the false identity of ours. In the many times when we were in the Ashram house kitchen,  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo will shove me aside in a rude manner without saying "excuse me", apparently in her mind, her things were more important and we can wait. 

#Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo was quick to fill Sree Maa's ears with our "mistakes" (in her eyes) to Sree Maa so that she can be the best. She also make sure that I fight with Rita by asking me to pass on messages which will trigger Rita, of course as we fought, resulting in creating more distress, chaos in the Ashram House.

Due to her need to control the Ashram House,  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo was always questioning me why I did not inform her, even the smallest things like where the pepper was stored. That was my chance to ask her why was she doing that because she had her orientation when she first arrived in the Ashram House, but I did not because of self preservation and she got away with it as by keeping quiet I have enabled her and encouraged her to continue her abuse , manipulation and gas lighting, throwing her flying monkeys in the Ashram House. 

There was once Sree Maa wanted to gift the Volunteers with clothing, #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo was quick to try it on and claimed that she can fit in most of them and barely a few were left for the other volunteers. How much did she grab for herself, you would wonder .... it's 2 large luggage of clothes that she seized for herself... I was speechless ..  in her twisted mind, #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo sees that she's the only deserving one.

During her stay in the Ashram House, there was a Reunion Retreat happening, the objective was for all the FiTs (Facilitators -in- Training) to come together (without the presence of Sree Maa and Shri Ji) to have reflection, discussion and raise any concern in the group. It was also a golden opportunity for us to be honest with ourselves but few of us (Narcissists) still tried to hide and come out with more lies instead.

#Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo used this opportunity to plan her attack a few people whom she deem as threat. She made sure that her "thoughts" were heard, she started her character assassination first of Jwala to me, telling me that Jwala wanted to bring her daughter to the retreat which  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo does not approved and see as inappropriate. 

We had a few zoom call, she set her mind in using the call to deter Jwala from coming as she knew that being a single parent, Jwala will never turn up without her daughter even though Sree Maa and Shri Ji had encourage her to bringing her daughter over and even help to find child taker for the FiTs who wanted to bring their kids along. 

#Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo used me as a flying monkey to present the schedule of the Reunion so that Jwala will opt out from this Reunion. She was afraid that Jwala, who is an out spoken person will expose her behaviour to the group. In order to silent Jwala,  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo made sure Jwala volunteered not to come and eventually left Kosmic Fusion.  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo succeeded in throttling Jwala's voice.

The Reunion was a platform that  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo used to play her victim card, of "T_T .. see how much I have done" , " T_T ... I am not being support by the team" She did not spare anyone, especially Clarito whom she has groomed for 5 years, as she felt that she started to lose control over him, she decided to discredit him first before anything comes out. I am the witness to her "complains" that Clarito was not supportive, not working as ONE and giving her a lot of problems. 

The truth is otherwise, she was bossing Clarito  around, he was carrying her heavy luggage, booking her shutter bus, changing her air-tickets, checking on excess luggage charges... etc I was seeing her dark self surfacing, I even shared with Sree Maa, which Sree Maa encouraged me to share with  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo which I did.  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo turned all red when I told her, she even questioned me why I said that about her, not once reflecting within because she is too "perfect".

In her head, she was the greatest one who does not need to do any reflections on her actions.  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo was in delusion and lied to herself that she was sacrificing for others, she was in total denial of what she has done to the innocent volunteers of Sydney whom only wanted to spread and bring Sree Maa and Shri Ji's work to more people so that more people can benefit it and not using it as a money making machine.

It is sad to see that  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo does not think she needed help. She even started her smear campaign and even started her youtube channel of healing ....  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo self proclaimed as a energy healer of 10 years .. who certified her? where are her certificates? 

Logically if we do proper Mathematics,  #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo started with Kosmic Fusion in 2012, which means out of the 10 years she claimed 5 years she spent in Kosmic Fusion (which she has been disassociated with Kosmic Fusion so that she will not cause more harm to innocent people) and she did Buddhism for 10 over years ... where did this 10 years of healer experience came from I wonder ... so what is the REAL truth?  

I think #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo just proven how much of a Narcissist she is ...

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Narcissists in the Ashram House - Dallia/Iphigenie (Part 2)

Now as I am sharing on what's happening in the Ashram House, I am fully responsible of my own contribution to the destruction to the Ashram House project.

Sree Maa and Shri Ji were bearing the brunt of our power struggles, lies. fights and schemes that were happening to Sree Maa and Shri Ji everyday, I am seeing how I have caused the harassment  and disturbance to Sree Maa and Shri Ji.

Who will want to handle a group of Narcissists and deal with our lies, facades, hypocrisy and looking at our different masks and faces every single day? But Sree Maa and Shri Ji did that for us, so that we can have the platform to learn about ourselves and learn to be honest, so that we will stop hurting the innocent people around us.We are being accepted without any judgement of who we are so that healing can happened.

It is sad that 2 of the ex volunteers, Dallia/Iphigenie and #Awakening with Joy/ #Joy Kuo, instead of seeing the sacrifices that Sree Maa and Shri Ji had made for us, turned their back and start their smearing campaign, which only give one-sided story of what really happen. I believe everyone should have the right to know what happen and decide for themselves who is speaking the truth.
I have been their enabler for them to cause damage and hurt to both Sree Maa, Shri Ji and Kosmic Fusion. After reflecting, I know now that it is so wrong of me in so many levels, especially towards Sree Maa and Shri Ji, who have selflessly given up their personal life for us.

I now choose to stand up and speak my truth of what really happen and will not hide the facts nor will I be the bystander anymore.

My deepest Gratitude to Sree Maa and Shri Ji for embracing me without any question ask so that I have the strength to face my self 🙏🙇🙏

Below are some incidents that I experience personally with Dallia/Iphigenie in the Ashram House...


Dallia/Iphigenie got the chance to come into the Ashram House because I have invited her into the Ashram House project for my own personal agenda of wanting to run away from what I have committed to do. 

The first day Dallia/Iphigenie stepped into the Ashram House, she started to "label" her territory by removing lots of items that belongs to Sree Maa and Shri Ji in the kitchen and make space for her own items, her things were spread across the Ashram House as if she owes the Ashram House.

Then Dallia/Iphigenie started to use her "position" in the Ashram House to get the other New Zealand Volunteers to do errands for her or assist her by giving the excuse that she wanted to work as one team. Dallia/Iphigenie even manipulated 2 New Zealand Volunteers to help her move her things to the Ashram House and clean her old apartment, I was unable to believe my ears when I witnessed her asking one of the volunteer why the volunteer did not turn up to assist her at her apartment and in a accusing manner implying that this volunteer was trying to "run away" from the responsibility... it is such ridiculous accusation that she was raising as there was no obligation from anyone in the first place.

In the Ashram House, Dallia/Iphigenie was bossing Rita and myself to cover the Ashram House duties because she was feeling more superior than us. There were many internal fights among us, the Narcissists, for instance, we would delayed in preparing the dinner and occupied the kitchen the entire time and in the end Sree Maa and Shri Ji would ended up having dinner outside.

 There was this incident that I always remember,  there was this one day when I was raking leaves near the pool of the Ashram House, I accidentally fell into the pool and nearly drown, Dallia/Iphigenie was laughing at my state when I went to the door to ask for help and all soaked and wet. She was enjoying herself and never show any concern to ask if I am alright. She even find it funny and told Sree Maa about it and Sree Maa was so worried about me and it's only after Sree Maa asked her to bring me some hot drink that Dallia/Iphigenie reluctantly went. There was no empathy shown by her at all. 

Whenever there were occassion where I get to spend time with Dallia/Iphigenie, she was always fillings my ears about Rita, telling me how dominating, unreasonable Rita was and that she was not a trusting person at all, she was creating wedges as she knew that we worked together, it's only when the fights arises that she can play her games. Which I found out months later that Dallia/Iphigenie was displeased that I took over the position in Rita's shop which she was eyeing for a very long time, Dallia/Iphigenie did not only targeted me, she actually did it to another staff of Rita's who was supposedly one of the potential candidate as well. As you can see now, if the Narcissists cannot get what they wanted, they will make sure that NOBODY gets it as well, the Narcissists will make sure damages are done, you will be able to catch them smirking to show their twisted sense of victory in the sick mind.

Months after Dallia/Iphigenie moved into the Ashram House, there was a day I was made the witness to sign on a IOU paper for the loan that Dallia/Iphigenie was trying to hide from everyone, the truth eventually came out and the volunteer who loan the money to Dallia/Iphigenie had to make me the witness because the trust was no longer there as Dallia/Iphigenie was trying to wiggle her way out of the loan ( it was later revealed by the volunteer that Dallia/Iphigenie was making use Sree Maa and Shri Ji's name to get her hands on the loan for her personal expenses.)

Discussion of different types of Narcissist traits in us

This is a discussion that Rita/Nandini and myself had sometimes ago when we were doing reflection of the type of Narcissist traits that we h...